Rutledge Wood and Continental Tire to Unveil RWB Porsche 911 at SEMA

Fort Mill, S.C. – October 31, 2019. Rutledge Wood and Continental Tire will present a custom built 1986 Rauh Welt Begriff built Porsche 911 on Monday, November 4 at the 2019 SEMA Show.

The RWB is one of just a dozen select vehicles featured in the SEMA Vehicle Reveal, which is now in its third year. With nearly 2,000 vehicles at the SEMA Show, a limited number of builders are invited to participate in the SEMA Vehicle Reveal by invitation only. Each featured build is showcased on stage in front of thousands of media outlets from around the world.

The RWB build, which is supported by Continental Tire, began early this year when Rutledge Wood teamed with Randy Allgood, the Kenwood Rod Shop, and Japanese artist Nakai-San to bring his childhood dream to life.

Nakai transformed a 1986 Carrera into a backdated widebody, rendered by Jon Sibal.

Randy Allgood and the team at Kenwood Rod Shop in Peachtree City, Georgia transformed the aircooled 911 into a fire breathing hot rod, complete with a GM Performance LS-3 from Summit Racing with 525hp, backed by a G50 transaxle built by Rader Motorsports.

Fitted with Continental Tire’s ExtremeContact Sport, a performance street tire built for car enthusiasts and engineered for extreme grip, the RWB is primed for ultimate performance.

The build is packed with performance from Odyssey Battery, KW Suspension, Brembo Brakes, 9 Eleven LED headlights, custom Magnaflow exhaust, and custom built Forgeline Wheels.

See photos and video from the unveil Monday evening on Continental Tire’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.