BMW Sets Two World Records on Continental’s ExtremeContact Sport Tires

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What does it take to win the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the longest vehicle drift in 8 hours? -

BMW driver and instructor, Johan Schwartz, set the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance vehicle drift in a BMW M5 fitted with Continental’s ExtremeContact Sport tires. His 232.5-mile drift smashed the previous record of 89.6 miles.

Perhaps one of the coolest moments of the record attempt came when it was time to refuel the car. Schwartz, Matt Mullins (BMW driver and instructor) and fueler, Matt Butts teamed up for a tandem refueling operation using a second BMW M5 – much like how fighter jets refuel.

BMW fitted the car with a custom dry break fuel system that allowed Butts to suspend himself out of the rear passenger window of the second M5 to connect the fuel line. The tandem refueling operation allowed for a continuous drift over eight hours. The car was refueled five times during the run.

And because setting one world record wasn’t enough, the team set yet another one on the same day.

Schwartz and Mullins also claimed the Guinness World Record for longest twin vehicle drift in one hour with a 49.25-mile drift. That distance nearly tripled the previous record of 17.8 miles.

Check out the following videos to see all the action from the successful record attempt!