Five Fun Facts About Continental

Some people think Continental is an airline, some think it’s a breakfast. Fortunately, because you are reading this, you now know Continental is a tire company but we’re actually more than that. Take a look at these five fun facts:


  1. Founded in 1871 – Yes, we’re 150 years old. Continental began manufacturing soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, and solid tires for carriages and bicycles in Hanover, Germany in 1871.

  2. We’re rollin’ – In 1898 Continental developed and produced automotive pneumatic tires with a plain tread.

  3. Getting our groove on – In 1904 Continental was the first company in the world to develop grooved tires for automobiles.

  4. Flying high – In 1909 French aviator, Louis Bleriot was the first to fly the English Channel. The flying surfaces on his mono plane were covered with Conti Aeroplan material.

  5. We’re not just tires – Continental is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. We also produce brake systems; systems and components for powertrains and chassis; instrumentation; infotainment solutions; vehicle electronics; tires and technical elastomers.