What are Continental Tire’s QuickView Indicators?


Tuned Performance Indicators, Alignment Verification System

Continental Tire’s QuickView indicators are visual signals located in the tire tread that reveal the tire’s performance level as well as if the tires are wearing evenly. They visually inform drivers of the level at which the tires are performing in dry, wet and snow conditions and also when it’s time to check the vehicle’s alignment.

The Tuned Performance Indicators are the letters D, W, and S which are molded into the tire tread and fade as the tire wears. The D stands for Dry, the W stands for Wet, and the S stands for Snow.

When the S fades away, it shows that the tire is no longer optimal for snow traction. When the W fades away it indicates that the tire is no longer optimal in wet conditions. Finally, when the D fades away it is no longer optimal in dry conditions and has met the minimum legal tread depth and the tire must be replaced.

The Alignment Verification System consists of three rectangles molded into both sides of the outer tire tread directly across from one another. They signal if the tires are properly aligned or if an alignment adjustment is needed.

If the same number of rectangles appear on each side, the tire is wearing evenly and the vehicle alignment should be good. If there are more rectangles on one side than the other, the tire is wearing unevenly and the vehicle alignment should be checked. This can be completed before the tire is unevenly worn.

Continental’s QuickView Indicators deliver an extra measure of driving confidence, no matter the road conditions.

Tires that feature the QuickView Indicators include the PureContact LS, TrueContact Tour, ExtremeContact DWS-06 Plus, and CrossContact LX25

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