What is TractionPlus™ Technology?


Both of our light truck tires, the TerrainContact A/T and the TerrainContact H/T feature Continental Tire’s patented TractionPlus™ technology. But what does that mean for you?

Two of its key features are exceptional wet traction and a quiet ride.

  • The Technical Terms: Wet traction is a direct result of +Silane, a patented technology exclusive to Continental Tire in which it bonds silica molecules in the tread to provide a polymer structure that grips on wet, slippery roads.
    The Benefit to You: Confident on and off-road traction – especially in the wet.
  • The Technical Terms: Variable block sizes in the tread with shift optimization, reduces noise generated in the tread pattern. Noise blockers in the shoulders reduce soundwaves leaving the tire’s footprint.
    The Benefit to You: A pleasant daily drive with no unwanted noise from the road to the driver.