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CrossContact LXSport

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The CrossContact LXSport  is a premium, all-season touring tire for crossovers and SUVs. Designed with highway drivers in mind, this Original Equipment tire comes with ContiSilent, ContiSeal and Self Supporting Runflat options.

  • Tuned for original equipment applications
  • Excellent wet braking
  • Responsive handling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Low road noise
  • Optimal traction in light snow


  • 60 Day Trial
  • 3 Year Roadside Assistance

Best for

  • Crossover
  • Light Truck/SUV
  • Original Equipment
  • Electric Vehicles

    All Continental product lines are designed with Electric Vehicles (EVs) in mind and are optimized for the needs of all types of vehicles.


  • Touring
  • All-Season


  • ContiSeal*

    A proprietary sealant compound that is applied to the inner liner of select tire lines to self-seal punctures from sharp objects within the tread area of the tire.

    *Select tire sizes

  • ContiSilent*

    A special polyurethane foam, attached to the inner liner of the tire, that reduces tire noise, providing a quieter driving experience.

    *Select tire sizes

  • Self Supporting Runflat*

    Tires with self supporting runflat (SSR) technology are designed with sturdy, reinforced sidewalls that help to support a vehicle's weight when the tires are deflated.\

    *Select tire sizes

CrossContact LXSport Specifications

Confidence on the Road

Every tire you purchase is backed by our Total Confidence Plan warranty.

  • Limited Warranty
  • Mileage Warranty
  • Customer Satisfaction Trial
  • Road Hazard Coverage
  • Flat Tire Roadside Assistance
  • Emergency Trip Interruption Coverage

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