All-Terrain Tires – Do I Need Them?

Jeep Off-Road

Are you planning on driving off the trail with your truck or SUV? Then the tires on your vehicle will have to tackle a whole new set of challenges. Proper grip on wet and dry roads is still necessary, but additional factors like off-road grip, puncture resistance, and vehicle load ratings also come into play.

If your vehicle frequently switches between irregular terrain and the regular road – for example in a pick-up truck or SUV commuting from city to country roads – then the wheels will most certainly benefit from all-terrain tires. These tires feature an interlocking tread design that provides the durability to conquer dirt, gravel, and grass, while also offering a quieter, more comfortable ride on paved roads.

The TerrainContact™ A/T is an all-terrain tire designed with a premium focus on all-terrain capabilities. This tire features Continental's TractionPlus™ Technology, which offers all-terrain capability with off-road traction and durability and allows the tire to excel in wet braking and provide a comfortable ride. Continental Tire spent three years developing the TerrainContact A/T, with over 1,500 tires tested over 2,000,000 million miles - all to deliver a durable all-terrain tire.

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