Continental Introduces the ContiComfortKit

Continental Tire North America, Inc. is introducing the ContiComfortKit (CCK) to the North American replacement market.  This run flat system is designed to temporarily seal a tire puncture and provide extended mobility up to 125 miles.

The ContiComfortKit comfortably restores mobility in a few easy steps. The kit is simply plugged into the powerpoint outlet; a flexible hose at the other end is connected to the valve of the flat tire. Once the sealant tank is flipped up, a twelve volt compressor re-inflates the tire at the push of a button and simultaneously fills the tire with a liquid sealant, which seals the puncture. As a result, the tire can be used at a maximum speed of 50 mph for up to 125 miles. Drivers can get to the nearest tire shop and do not rely on road side assistance. A built-in light allows for easy use even at night.ContiComfortKit photograph

The CCK weighs only 5.5 pounds and does not require installation. It is simple to use and provides mobility in minutes. It can be easily stored in the trunk of the vehicle. The kit can also be used as a compressor to check and monitor tire pressure through a built-in compressor and tire gauge.

ContiComfortKit in action!

The CCK has already been a success with car manufacturers. Since its introduction, it has obtained prestigious original equipment approvals, i.e for the Ford GT and Volvo V/S50 and XC90.

The handy ContiComfortKit is now sold to the North American replacement market and is initially

available online at The Tire Rack .

Click here for a downloadable info sheet (PDF format, 740kb)

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